About the Event

NigerianCBCS recognizes Nigerian-American Professionals in various sectors of American society. A full-day event is organized to recognize the services and contributions of hard-working citizens, many of whom have broken barriers or obstacles, and grab the opportunities to serve their communities with distinction. The awards celebrate emerging talents, achievers, entrepreneurs, life-savers, corporations, and philanthropists across the nation.  

     Every year, 150+ outstanding professionals, distinguished scholars, and successful business owners and entrepreneurs will receive awards in recognition of their exceptional success. In addition to this, one of 25 nominees takes home the Nigerian-American Choice Award. 

Celebrating Nigerian Talents

Awards are designed to recognize the services of Nigerian workers and their contributions to their communities. 

Nominees Announcement

Award Ceremony 

On Thursday, October 20, all the winners, including the Public Choice Award winner and the Grand Jury Prize winner, will be announced at the Service / Performance Awards ceremony. The ceremony will take place at The Bladensburg High School, Maryland, USA 


The nomination is $100. Each nominee gets 5 extra tickets Invites for 5 mandatory guests at $100/ ticket. 

Where to Nominate and Vote 

Nigerians Move America: 

Nominate yourself or others. 

Vote for your preferred nominee. www.nominee.nigeriancbcs.com America is exceptional among nations. and the vibrant expression of America’s diversity has given opportunities to migrants from other nations, of which Nigerians incredibly stand out among their peers. America has produced more Nigerian doctors, nurses,  Entertainers, lawyers, professional experts, and super-rich entrepreneurs, who will be featured in this year’s award. Today these successful elites are giving back to the nation that has done a lot for them. So, if you or you know any eligible Nigerian out there please do not hesitate to submit their nominations here. 

This event is organized by The Nigerian Community Business & Citizen Services with support from the ---------------------------------------, and the ------------------------. The awards are implemented in close cooperation with the Nigerian Commission and financially supported by Bank of America. 

The Book: 


A compilation of inspirational success stories and picture profiles of powerful and exceptional  Nigerian-Americans moving America forward. 

Book Details: 

(Table Book) PAGES: 

350 pages COVER: HardCover & Paperback 



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